The Hotel St Christophe is 3minutes on foot from the Rue Mouffetard

The Rue Mouffetard is the main artery of the Latin Quarter. It is one of the oldest streets in Paris and as such is brimming with history. Also the Rue Mouffetard is more than famous for its many and varied restaurants.

The Rue Mouffetard, icon of the Latin Quarter.

The Rue Mouffetard has always been a symbol of the Latin Quarter. Historically, there are records of the road as early as the first century AD and the road has never changed its name, although there have obviously been certain modifications to its route. It is often mentioned in literature, for example George Duhamel in his book “Confession de Nuit” calls the road “veine de nourriture coulant au plus gras de la cité” The road fascinates and attracts and is particularly popular with tourists who enjoy the bars, restaurants and shops, not forgetting the lively and typically French market.

The Hotel St Christophe is ideally situated for walking and wandering in the Rue Mouffetard.

A “must” for all visitors is the attractive and traditional Rue Mouffetard. Only three minutes on foot from the Hotel St Christophe is the bustling street, full of attractions for tourists and visitors. Restaurants, cafés, boutiques, outdoor dining are available here in the picturesque Rue Mouffetard which runs for 650metres along the Latin Quarter. Why not pop out of our hotel and enjoy one of the most lively and friendly streets in the French capital!

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