The Hotel Saint Christophe is ideally situated near to Jussieu.

The University of the Sorbonne is situated on the corner of the Rue St Jacques and the Rue des Ecoles, which is less than 15 minutes on foot from our hotel.

The Hotel Saint Christophe is ideally situated near to Jussieu.

In the Saint-Victor area of the 5émé Arondissement of Paris is Jussieu the main Campus of the famous university Pierre et Marie Curie. This academic site, at the edge of the Quartier Latin is very close to the Rue Lacépède where the Hotel Saint Christophe is situated. It is in this magnificent area that you will find the greatest evidence of the History of Paris. Make a short stroll back through time to the Medieval Period.

The History of Jussieu

Between the Montagne Sainte-Genevieve and the Rue de Seine, the Campus of Jussieu was established originally for those students who had not been accepted at the Sorbonne due to a lack of places. The buildings represent two distinct periods. The famous architect Edouard Albert carried out the initial planning for a university of 20000 students,although the prefabricated buildings were soon accommodating 30000 students. Originally Jussieu had four specific buildings: The Esclangon Laboratories; the Gril d’Albert; the Tour Zamansky; the Barres de Cassan. The buildings were renovated and modernized to present day Health and Safety standards. In early 2000, new buildings were erected for example the 16M also called the Atrium; Le Bâtiment des Seize-Mille mètres carrés. Following this extension and rebuilding the campus is no longer uniquely a university. The site has become a tourist attraction of architectural interest.

The Hotel is ideally situated in the Quartier Latin of Paris

To make a perfect conclusion to your stay in the Quartier Latin within the 5ème Arondissement, please don’t hesitate to enjoy the facilities provided by the Hotel Saint Christophe. Our hotel with its rating of three stars of charm has a classic and warmly welcoming style. There are thirty bedrooms and we are near many famous historic monuments and remains, for example the Panthéon, the Arènes de Lutèce and the Roman Baths. This is also an area of great Culture and Learning, there are famous universities and world-renowned Research Institutes. On stepping out of the Hotel Saint Christophe, you have here a vast choice of destinations. This part of Paris is world famous for its Public Libraries, its Cinemas, you are in the heart of the historic Quartier Latin, an area made lively by tourists and students, sometimes the tiny streets are packed with life and yet at other times you will experience a sense of calm (although this is more unusual!)

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